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Image showing bulk sms service in mobile phone

Bulk SMS

Smart and quick way that connects directly with your potential leads. This also allows bring in personalization of messages using regional language feature.

Image showing bulk email service

Bulk Email

Tracking, monitoring & comprehensive reporting tool makes way for bulk email. This optimizes your email campaigns efficiently.

Graphics explaining ivr service in brief


Bringing in personalization to your IVR service as the tool keeps a record of previous customers call and purchase history details for smart interactions.

Finger pointing a call button resembles a toll-free number

Toll-Free Number

Never miss any customer call with a dedicated toll-free number giving you access to an efficient call forwarding technology.

image explain a voice sms service, a way of lead generation

Voice SMS

It has never been easier to create and send instant voice SMS. Bringing you 50% increase in conversions, it is an innovation facilitated via intuitive dashboard.

image shows missed call symbol resembles missed call service

Missed Calls

Start interacting with potential leads efficiently with Missed Call alert system. Converting your phone into a server and giving you access to your lead data.

Getlead lead management crm ui image


Meaningful interactions with lead will now be at your fingertips. The CRM intelligently bring in more interaction and engagement with the customer data.

Getlead lead management crm ui image

Custom App Development

Getlead build secure, scalable and robust software applications and deliver highly customised agile products that improve business value and growth.

graphics shows a dart board resembles lead management& generation crm

Deal with qualified leads

GetLead builds deeper customer business relationships. We work together to make conversion rates more apparent. Making lead nurturing easy with a right CRM is our primary goal. Our tool helps you draw insight from customer data. Integrating your existing infrastructure with our CRM in a customized manner promises improved sales, more deal closures, precision in real time decision making.

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Customizable for all Industries

Image shows free lead management software for education

We merge experience and technology advancement. Our customized CRM delivers enhanced enrollments to customers.

Utilizing our intelligent CRM, we convert your mobile phone into a server that receives calls from students or any kind of certification seekers. The calls are immediately dropped by the server and the lead details are captured by the CRM in real-time. Instantly the student gets details of the educational courses, programs and certifications. It is instant and that is why the customer likes it.

Image shows free lead management software for banking

Surmounting the challenges of customers to know the account balance or details of a financial offer.

Focused on delivering a performance-based solution that is secure. Our CRM assists customers to know the account balance with just a missed call. A CRM that saves Banking and Finance organizations time and effort. We are helping you to exceed your conversion goals.

Image shows free lead management software for hospital

Intelligent missed call alert system to get access to hospital reports and doctor schedules.

Unwavering performance of the CRM ensures to keep patients updated with real time doctor schedules, patient queue status and booking lab tests. Shortening the health report access system, our CRM delivers reports or highlights of patient reports. The CRM is customized enough to benefit the entire ecosystem and reduces the anxiety of your patients.

Image shows free lead management software for e-commerce

Brilliant way to stay connected with customers when the internet is not available.

Using a better alternative to always stay in touch with the customers, we offer E-commerce companies a missed call alert system. A technically advanced and reliable system allows customers track the delivery status of their shopped products. Say Goodbye to the shipping status calls. It offers E-commerce business to run promotional campaigns over SMS and emails.

Image shows free lead management software for marketing

Give ingenious marketing updates to your customers with quick and trusted missed call alert system.

Marketing has always been a challenge and we worked our CRM with a missed call alert to jump up their marketing campaigns. Without pocket pinching rates and head banging procedures, our CRM makes it possible to connect with the audience. Interact, engage and convert using best technology.

Image shows free lead management software for retail services

In need of marketing mix elements for lead generation? Utilize the CRM with missed call alert to increase sales.

Create a strong market position as a retailer by utilizing a cost effective customer communication channel. With a missed call alert system in place the customer can know your current offers, inventory list and promotions without spending a penny and time over long phone calls. A critical role player to upscale you as a best in-class retailer.

Image shows free lead management software for travel

Independent of what kind of travel arrangements you offer, our missed call alert CRM works in a dedicated fashion.

Now the clients just need to give a missed call to know the schedule of your travel arrangement or any delays. It will tremendously cut down your customer support task of answering queries on travel schedules. Not only does it cut your burden but it reduces the frustration of customers who are in a hurry. A modern age necessity.

Image shows free lead management software for restaurant

Eliminating the mundane tasks for restaurant business. Our CRM ensures the repetitive queries are handled using the missed call alert CRM.

Our solution bringing forward the advantage of technology to restaurants. Allowing customers get the menu, check the status of the order deliver and more so that you can concentrate on your business and quality of food after all restaurant business is about quality service.

Real-time Customer Data

Get access to the customer data in real-time and alert your campaigns to drive more sales. Monitor the response and drop instant replies to customer queries.

Web-based CRM

A deep analysis of customer data made possible. The App keeps the power handy and CRM is web-based with efficient connectivity between the two. Letting the CRM collect data and analyse it via the App.

Digitally precise data

A well-managed digital data that can be accessed easily. Automating the data procurement and data extraction, our intelligent CRM makes it easy to interact with the customers.

Higher ROI

Handle more qualified sales queries in an informed and intelligent manner with missed calls alert system. Cutting the call time and offering instant information, CRM is efficient enough.

Adaptable to any business Model

Grow with GetLead CRM as it finds its utility in hospitals, education sector, threatens, retailers, marketing agents and more in multiple forms.

Eliminate the inefficient methods

Offering the same information over a 2-3 minute call repetitively is simply a waste of resource. Doesn't it cut deep into your pockets? With GetLead in just 1-2 second convey the similar information to customers.

Happy Clients. TESTIMONIAL

Perfect partner to make you edge closer to goals quickly. We wanted to change something in our operations and GetLead came across as a refreshing change to channelize our leads a better way towards more conversions.

Creative technical solution to seamlessly integrate with the existing set up. Right from the inquiry to the conversion, the efficiently designed system led to significant positive growth in our revenues.

A perfectly fine tuned missed call alert system. Design to perfection, it is perfectly pocket friendly solution to bring in more leads. Our lead generation mechanism was transformed using GetLead. A good job done by the team.

Marketing was a challenge for my lean start-up. Without any dedicated team, just with the help of GetLead, we doubled our revenues in 6 months duration.

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