The scope of ‘Missed Call’ Marketing in India

Being a nation which has the second largest population of mobile subscribers, India has now become an ideal place for mobile marketing. The number of subscribers are somewhere above 1 billion and is showing steady growth. It had overtaken U.S in 2015 and now stays at second place below China.

So what do missed calls mean to Indians? Missed calls, in Indian perspective can be defined as a coded mode of communication. Making a missed call – dialing a number and disconnecting it before the call is picked up – has been a way to signal a message in India without actually communicating it by voice.

In the era of social media, it is possible for one to connect freely and instantly using apps like Facebook and WhatsApp without any talk – time but that requires smart phones, access to mobile internet and technology skills. With large number of Indians using feature phones instead of smartphones, missed calls continues to be a wide – reaching, economically feasible communication mechanism.

Today, the missed call has escaped its rural mooring and had gone mainstream. Big corporates – including many consumer-facing multinational companies realized the scope of missed calls and have started using it. This multifunctional telecom feature has a wide range of application in many different sectors. Small firms, cancer detection centers, tuberculosis prevention campaigns of state governments, gyms, schools and colleges, NGO’s – all now have a missed call number featuring prominently in their print and T.V. ads. Many major advertisements can be seen having a “Give a missed call to xxxx xxxxxxxx for more information” tag tucked at the bottom of the frame.