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Bulk email service empowers your business to build and grow relationship with customers through email marketing campaigns. Single platform to manage contacts, track and, monitor and automate email workflows and comprehensive reporting tool to follow the results in one place. Create Effective email marketing campaigns in simple steps and generate more sales.Why waiting start your email marketing campaign in a matter of few clicks.

Why Should You Go For Bulk Email?

  • Contact List Management

    Manage, segment and grow your audience using contact list management tool. GetLead allows you to collect the email addresses and contact information from prospective customers and manage it all in a single easy platform.

  • Your design, your way

    User-friendly interface with easy to use email editor tools makes us the perfect bulk mail sender for all kind of businesses. Design your beautiful emails and communicate brand ideas to your audience in style.

  • Monitor your performance

    Track real time performance and measure the success of your mass mail campaigns. GetLead reporting system including the key performance indicators that are essential for determining the success of your campaigns.

  • Workflow

    Create the accurate custom audience list and get your subscribers into the right mailing lists so you can pinpoint your target audience more precisely than ever.

  • Developer API

    Using Developer API, create custom integrations with your website or app, add and manage contact lists, users, campaigns, reports.

  • Newsletter templates

    Pre-designed template from our template gallery or import your own HTML templates and customize them any way you like.Choose a template that matches your website, and watch your customer list multiply.

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