GetLead has a cloud-based IVR system which routes all the customer calls to the right department. Enhance caller experience with our efficient & easy-to-use IVR solution.

Increase your business efficacy by customizing your IVR.

GetLead IVR can integrate with CRM, ticketing or other databases to recognize customers when they call and route them according to your predefined rules.

Why Should You Go For IVR?

  • Call Forwarding

    Never miss calls from your customers. Smartly connect every caller to the right department – quickly and effortlessly. Give your customers the best experience

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Analyze your service in real-time and improve accordingly. Stay updated with business performance with instant reports, such as - agent’s performance, live calls and more.

  • Cost Effective & Efficient

    Pocket-friendly & scalable plans give your business that edge to an impressive customer with a limited budget.

  • IVR number

    Choose your IVR number from a pool and control your communication flow with programmable numbers.Greet your customers with a professional IVR number & build an excellent IVR system for your business

  • Right connection

    Reduce the waiting time and direct the customer call to the right agent in the right department. Instant replies helps to increase your customer retention.

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